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Create brilliant new worlds in virtual reality and explore them with friends

The creative game we wanted to play

Create sprawling, brilliant worlds and explore them with your friends! Invite your friends to an online game, then race to the finish with hang-gliders, or switch to climbing mode for even more fun.

Discover thousands of amazing creations in the interactive gallery then remix them however you want! When you're happy with your creation, you can upload to the SculptrVR content gallery and let others see the incredible things you've made. 

Unleash your creativity by building with SculptrVR’s intuitive and fun creation tools. Then destroy it all with rockets! 

Add mind-boggling detail with SculptrVR's voxel tech and 10,000X zoom.

Export everything you’ve made to FBX or OBJ  for 3D printing or sharing online.

Procedurally generate landscapes, then delve underground, but be careful not to delve too deep!

There’s a million ways to have fun in SculptrVR and in your metaverse, anything is possible.

What makes SculptrVR different

Create sprawling worlds to explore with your friends, with simple, but powerful tools
Use hang gliders to race friends through your newly created worlds
Discover amazing places and creations in the interactive gallery
Build intuitively by adding material and sculpting it away. Then destroy it with rockets!
Add mind-boggling detail with SculptrVR's voxel tech and 10,000X zoom 
Export everything you’ve made to FBX or OBJ so you can render in HD

Everyone loves SculptrVR 

Hands down the best art app in VR.

Steam review

The multiplayer is awesome and I would highly recommend as a social and creative app... Stop reading and go play it.

Oculus Quest review

Nothing else in VR lets you scale yourself down to the size of a bug all the way to a size of a mountain, with just the swiping of the thumb. Creating huge worlds is incredibly easy, intuitive, and satisfying. Very hard to describe, but even a non-artist like myself can space out in this insanely awesome app. Can't recommend it enough.

Steam review

Everything about this app is genius.
Oculus Quest review

"As far as I can tell, SculptrVR is the first of its kind in that people can use it to build at vastly differing scales. I've dreamed of an app like this for a while now."

Steam review

I've had more fun in the first ten minutes of playing then I have in countless hours with other sculpting apps. The tools are straight forward and the scaling adds a whole new level of detail to the scene. It does what it sets out to do and it does it well.

Oculus Quest review

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