The Multiplayer Update is Live!

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Join your friends on Steam, or join strangers in a public game in SculptrVR. Build worlds together!

During the beta, we’ve had the opportunity to jump into many of your worlds, explore them, play in them, and add to them. It’s been incredibly fun, and I can’t wait to share that experience with more people!

We’ve worked hard to bring down the net bandwidth per player as much as possible. This in turn allows up to 16 players (theoretically at least… we haven’t yet been able to test with that many…) to join one world and create together! Currently in a 16 player game, each client only needs ~6kB/s of upload and ~50kB/s of download. The host needs 50kB/s symmetric upload/download. Not too bad!

Sculpting in SculptrVR is extremely computational. An i5 CPU is currently only capable of calculating ~200 actions per second. With 16 players connected, all sculpting at 90hz, even the fastest CPUs would be overwhelmed. To deal with this, we rate-limit your sculpting based on number of connected clients. Instead of placing a sphere every single frame, you’ll only place a sphere every 8th frame. This also helps keep down the net-bandwidth!

I can’t promise you that everything is perfect, but I can say it’s very, very fun!

I hope to see you all in world soon!

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