The latest update to SculptrVR adds two long awaited features: Adaptive Detail and a World Gallery!

Adaptive Detail:

The Adaptive Detail combines far off, small voxels into larger ones. This reduces the triangle count, and allows the player to keep sculpting for a much longer time!

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Here’s a a gif showing you up close what the adaptive detail is doing in the distance:

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Here’s what those detail changes look looks like from the player’s perspective (hint: you can barely see it!):

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Previously if more than a certain number of triangles were present in your world, SculptrVR had to hide the far off voxels as seen here:

This scene has the same number of triangles (~700,000 total, but some are out of frame):

These images show the same scene with triangle limits turned off. One image is with, and one without Adaptive Detail:

My machine (i5, gtx 970) drops frames in the scene without Adaptive Detail.

World Gallery:

The World Gallery is the new way to load your saved worlds!

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A low resolution ‘preview world’ is created using the Adaptive Detail technology and displayed on one of 16 pedestals in the gallery. You can page through your worlds visually, 16 at a time!

To load a world, simply highlight it and pull the trigger.

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